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Choosing a wedding or family photographer can be daunting for so many reasons. Perhaps you’re camera shy or just worried about trusting a stranger with such an intimate task. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Whether it’s your wedding day or you’re doing a family shoot, my job is to make everyone feel relaxed and supported in front of the camera. My clients tell me it’s my happy, down to earth vibe that sets me
apart from other photographers.

And having worked with hundreds of couples and families,
I’m confident you’ll feel comfortable being yourself when I’m around.
Your personality always shines through when you’re connecting with your loved ones.

I am incredibly fortunate to have the chance to craft unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever. It's an honour that I hold in the highest regard and will always cherish, and never underestimating its significance.


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You Have Found The One You Love


"You are literally the best. There isn't one thing we wished we had more of or anything that was missed. I was even like woah I didn't even no Emma was there taking pictures so many good surprises in there!
Thank you so much you have no idea how happy and grateful we are but just the person you are leading up to and on the day - thank you so much !!!!! I think we are your biggest fans."


"Emma! Oh my gosh, I'm overwhelmed with emotions scrolling through our album! Thank you for capturing such precious moments of us After such an unexpected and stressful start to Sonny's life, who knew that seeing us all together in these photos would be so incredibly healing emotionally for me. His tiny toes, his ocean eyes, his gorgeous little face, and our warm embraces! Capturing Bella's hilarious and real personality as she tries to escape the photos but also her softer, loving and proud big sister side.We will treasure these forever. We can't thank you enough!"

"Emma photographed our NYE wedding and I couldn’t be happier! Such a talented photographer and beautiful person. Emma was so much fun and made my husband and I feel so at ease, you can see in the photos how comfortable Emma made us and how much fun we were all having while taking pics. Thanks so much Em we loooove our pics and are so stoked we were lucky enough to work with you!"

lauren and mick

camilla and jose

"You are literally the best."


"Such a talented photographer and beautiful person. "


You'll never regret investing in your memories

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emma hampton

~ Rumi

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”